Friday, December 5, 2014

Clay sushi

  For this project we had to make clay food that you would eat for lunch. I chose to do sushi because of the bright colors and different textures it's has. To create this texture and shape made the separate pieces, then put them together. I cut each grain of rice and each price of mean. The crab meat in top of the roll is all separate prices too. When I was making the salmon I didn't make it perfectly shaped, and I carved ridges into the fish to make it look more realistic. Then, when I was painting it, I added light pinks and dark salmon colors to give it dimension. For the roll pieces I started off will a small cylinder, then added the pieces of fish and rice on top. The wood slab that the sushi is on was the most difficult part to make. To add texture, I carved grain into the wood. The first time I painted it, I painted it one flat color. I went back and added to the wood grain with a darker brown to give it more dimension.
    Overall, I'm happy with the outcome of the project. If I were to improve it, I would I would add more dimension to the crab meat with darker pinks and highlights. I would also add more value to the rest of my clay. Because it is 3d, I did not think that I would need to add shadows and highlights, but it would make it look more realistic. I would also make the wasabi a lighter color green.

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