Art 1 Final Portfolio

1.    Which project was your favorite or most successful this semester? Please explain.

              My favorite project this semester was the Clay Tile project. My tile was made to look like the aquatic biome and features a three dimensional shark and coral reef. The part of the project that I enjoyed most was working with clay. It was a challenge to shape the clay, but the challenge made the end result more rewarding. when the clay was dry we painted with acrylic paint. It was interesting using value and adding highlights bacause it is a 3D piece, but it made the features stand out more.

1.    Regardless of whether you liked or disliked a project, which one did you learn, grow, or developed the most from? Please explain.

                  The Project I grew the most from was the IPad value sketch. This was the project where I began to understand how shading and highlighting helped give shapes depth. I learned how to add lighter areas where the sun hit and shadows where it was blocked. This project took a lot of patience and you had to be neat and careful for it to look right. I used the skills I learned from this in many other projects, and they would not have been as good if I had done the IPad value sketch.

3.  Choose 1 piece of Art that you used skills and techniques learned from previous projects. Discuss your growth as an artist and how you incorporated these skills and techniques to create the piece.


In the value sketch used skills I learned from the Ipad sketch project and the cartoon skeleton project. The ipad value project taught me how to use shading and highlighting to make an object look realistic. The cartoon skeleton project taught me how to draw what I see. Without these previous projects my value drawing would not have been successful.

4.    Which project do you feel was the least important in learning the concepts taught in this course? Please explain.

I think that the least important project was the stencil project. We did not use or learn any skills that would improve our art. There was no drawing, painting, sculpting or anything creative in this project. We used Photoshop to make the picture then cut shapes out of a poster. It was the least important in learning the concepts taught this semester.
5.  Choose a piece or artwork where the subject matter reflects you as an artist. One that you have a personal connection to. Please explain your choice.

The landscape painting is the piece I made this semester that best reflects who I am as an artist. It is a painting of a picture I took of my favorite place to be, Boone, NC. It reflects me as an artist because paint is my favorite medium, and it is of a place that Is special to me. I also like the way it turned out, and am proud that I painted it.

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