Thursday, May 9, 2013


    The goal of this project was to create a print by showing textures with ink and linoleum. To do so i started by finding reference pictures of deer and forests and created a sketch. Next I traced the sketch onto tracing paper to transfer it onto the linoleum. i colored in the parts of the picture i wanted paint to be and left the areas that I was going to cut out white. Then i cut the linoleum, rolled it with paint, and printed it onto a piece of paper. This project was difficult because it was hard to carve the linoleum, and I used too much paint.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Combining images in photoshop

   Using Phtoshop we combined a picture of a frog and a mouth to create a picture that looked like a frog tongue. To do this we removed the background of the frog image and placed it on top of the mouth image. Then, using the clone stamp tool, we made the frog look pink and fleshy like a tongue. Doing these projects has helped me realize how much easier Phtoshop is to use than I tught, and they were fun.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Angry Pancakes

   Using photoshop, i combined a picture of a fish and a picture of pancakes to make "angry pancakes". on one layer of photoshop i had a picture of a fish, and on the other i had the pancake picture. i made the fish smaller and removed the areas around the mouth. Then, using the liquify feature, i made the pancakes wide enough to fit the mouth. after putting the two pictured this was the result.

Monday, April 8, 2013


    While doing this project we were to pick a picture and make a stencil out of it. first we picked a picture, and then we used photoshop to make the picure only three colors. After we projected our altered pictures onto the wall ant traced the different colors onto poster paper. our last step was to cut out the poster and spraypaint the stencil onto cardboard. The lesson i learned was that if you are not neat your artwork will not come out how it is supposed to look. My project was successful because it is neat and it looks like marlyn monroe.

Friday, March 1, 2013

IPad Value study

For our Third Art 1 project we were told to create a value drawing on an IPad app called Layers. We also created value drawings using oil pastels. Both drawing had the same concept, layer and blend, but they were very different. While using the IPads you are able to erase, undo, and lock layers. This means no smudging or overdoing your colors. With oil pastels it is harder to blend and it is easier to smear your artwork. Technology is very important in art.  It allows people to create art  without needing messy supplies, and it allows them to transport it much easier.

Contour Shoe Drawing

In Art 1 our second major project was contour shoe drawings. First we did blind drawings of our hands. My first drawings did not look like hands, but they slowly improved. Next we did shoes. Shoes are more complicated because many have complicated textures and patterns. Doing contour drawings has improved my drawing skills and it has helped with how neat my artwork is.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cartoon Skeleton

         For one of our first projects in Visual arts, we chose a cartoon character and drew a skeletal system for them. Before this project we drew human skeletons and were supposed to incorporate the different bone structures into our character. I chose Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch. His skeleton is exaggerated in many places, but still contains all of the basic structures of the skeletal system. His scull is large in comparison to his body, and his eye sockets and nose are large, to fit his wide eyes and round nose. Stitch has a short torso and short legs, so he does not have as many ribs as a normal animal and his pelvis is not as tall. it took a lot of creativity and imagination to think of a way to fit all of the bones in his short stocky body, but i think it was a fun project and a great way to be introduced into Visual Arts.