Thursday, May 22, 2014

iPad gesture drawing

For this project we did gesture drawings on the iPads. It was difficult to draw on the iPads because you can't control the pressure of your pencil and the people we were drawing were moving.
Woriking with the iPads was a learning experience, but I was not happy with the finished project.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tracing paper skull

For this peace I used tracing paper over a skull to draw a self portrait. Using the skull helped me keep the drawing proportional and place features correctly.
It was challenging to shade the drawing while it was over the skull. I had to outline the main features of the face, then shade off of the skull.
Doing this project this way helped me better understand the face and where features are placed on a face. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Self portrait

Instead of doing an expressive self portrait I drew myself as a zombie. Some difficulties were making the area around the mouth look like ripped flesh and putting things in the right place. It was hard to place the nose and the teet because I was only drawing the bones.Although it was an assignment it is origional, and it wasn't right from a picture. 
My favorite part of this piece is the eyes. One is more realistic and almost happy and the other is dead.

Bottle Drawing

This was the first project that I used prismacolor on black paper. It was difficult putting the highlights in the right place and using the right colors. Because of this the bottle isn't as transparent as I wanted and the bottle wasn't the right shape. I didn't use reference pictures, I drew what I saw so it was difficult to make it proportional. The bottle was blue, but I added orange and purple to give it more depth and make it look better. 

Skeleton Drawing

For this drawing we drew a skeleton that was hanging on the middle of the room. I used graphite pencils. I feel I gained skill with a familiar material. While working on this I had some difficulty with proportion. The head was too big and the feet and lags were small. To fix this I held my pencil up to the skeleton and used it to compare measurements.
I used technology as a tool. I took a picture of the skeleton with my ohine and used the photo as a reference while I was shading and adding highlights.