Art 2 Final Exam


    My most successful project was my pencil drawing of a 1960s gas pump. For this project I chose to use pencil because I knew it would be the easiest medium to use and be able get the smaller details. I also chose to use pencil over paint because pencil is more forgiving, and easier to erase and layer. I came up with the idea of a Texaco pump after hearing  about the Texaco station that my grandpa worked at and his dad owned and, and I wanted to give it to him for Christmas.i think what made it successful was my choice to use pencil and 9x12 paper. If it had been any smaller it would have been difficult to do the little details like the the gasboy logo and the gas price. I also think that my use of a kneaded eraser to highlight made it more successful. Adding a highlight to the top and the sides have it more dimension and made it look more realistic.

    My least successful price www the close up prisma color drawing. I started by drawing the blue pendants and gold and was happy with it until I added the diamond. I was happy with the color and my use of different Blues and whites to add depth and highlights, and I was hoping to achieve the same with the diamond. When I did the pencil outline, before I went in with prisma color, it looked good. If I could redo it I would have payed more attention to where the bright whites and shadows need to go. It looks unrealistic because the colors are in random places. I did not know how to shade a diamond, so I wanted to challenge myself, but it did not work. Next time I would practice before. I would also use more references, because I only used one picture for the diamond.


    The two pieces that show growth are the hand that we did the first few days of class and the perspective drawing I did of the Hale. For the first drawing I drew my hand in pencil. I attempted to draw all of the little detais, but it just looks like little lines all over the picture. For the second picture I went to downtown Apex and took my own pictures. I needed a picture in two point perspective, and I thing the fact that I took my own pictures how I wanted them was very helpful. I payed more attention to sharp lines, shadows, and making the picture proportional. The second picture was more successful than the first because of the amount of time I spent on it and my attention to detail. Also, through practice, I learned to shade and to blend different shades together.


    The two mini lessons that were the most helpful were two of the candy drawings. The peppermint was the first one we did. first we watched videos demonstrating how to draw wrappers so they look realistic, then we all got peppermints and tried to draw them. This mini lesson was helpful because it gave us a change to practice drawing clear wrappers, which was difficult. The next most helpful mini lesson was the dum-dum drawings. During this lesson I learned how to shade with color pencil just using different colors and darker shades of the same color. It was also allowed me to practice shading a white object, which is intimidating because it is tempting to leave white objects blank. It was 
 to draw the logos with all of the creases in the wrapper, but it was good practice.

5.       My favorite medium to work with was graphite pencil. One of the reasons why I like graphite more than paint or color pencil is it is easier to add value. With paint you have to create a whole other when adding value and with color pencils you have to carefully choose what colors you use to shade. With graphite it's all the same color, so you just layer the pencil, or use a darker pencil. Another reason I like pencil is it is erasable. When I am adding highlights to a drawing I will sometimes take a kneaded eraser and just pull up some of the graphite, and you can't do that with other mediums. Pencil is also good for small details, or intricate drawings. Using pencil gives you more control over what you're drawing, and for me it makes for better, neater artwork. 

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